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The Gist of Graphic Design Overlays?

Graphic Design Overlay is now widely used as an indicator label, and the top layer of the switch can even be used as a means of promotion. Often used in the medical, petroleum, appliance and commercial industries. Therefore, there are generally three design points in Graphic Design Overlay, which can also be said to be points to be considered: usage environment, color requirements, and overlay options for customizing Graphic Design Overlay.

Why consider these four points?

Starting from the use environment: nothing more than the use temperature, humidity, Graphic Design Overlay paste surface and cleaning conditions. Temperature will affect the choice of panel material and the choice of adhesive tape, while humidity and sticking surface will affect the choice of adhesive tape. If repeated cleaning is required or there are temperature changes in cleaning conditions, great attention should be paid to the selection of printing surfaces and Adhesive's compounding technology. At the same time, if the thickness is different, the material selection will also be different.

We know the importance of materials from the use environment, so there are three choices of materials:

Polyester (PET) Overlay - Excellent performance in temperature limit, can be used at -20 - 80 degrees Celsius, the material is thinner and more flexible compared to PC. Even up to millions of actuations will not affect the use of the product. Some polyester materials can be antibacterial, anti-ultraviolet and anti-glare, etc., but the material price will be relatively expensive.

Polycarbonated (PC) Overlay- The use temperature is before 10-60 degrees Celsius, but the thickness is more options than Polyester. The service life is more than 100,000 times.

PVC-The use temperature is also between 10-60 degrees Celsius, but the UL rating is worse than that of PC. At the same time, because the material is not environmentally friendly, it has been gradually cancelled in China. And the biggest advantage is that it is very cheap. PVC front panel overlays are suitable for indoor and outdoor use with excellent abrasion and scratch resistance, chemical and corrosive materials. The PVC graphic overlay is durable. There are generally three thicknesses: 0.125, 0.175, 0.25 and 0.38mm, but 0.175 and 0.25mm are often used.


Moisture and Graphic Design Overlay paste surface effects often influence adhesive selection


There are usually three choices of adhesives: 3M, DT and water glue. If the humidity is too high, 3M or DT is required. Conventional water glue is not conducive to the storage and use of the product.

The adhesive surface of the plastic and the adhesive surface of the silicone product need to be selected according to the needs. The plastic can be LSE, and the silicone is domestic DSMS or 3M9731.


A few questions about Graphic Design Overlay:


Is the Graphic Design Overlay printed front or back?


The recommendation of Niceone-Tech's printing project is to print on the back of the material, so that the service life and scratch resistance of the ink will be greatly improved and the cost will be reduced. If front-side printing is performed, it will result in the need to re-laminate the product and increase the cost.


What are the printing options for Graphic Design Overlay?

Color printing (CMYK) or screen printing. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages, but they can also be combined to complete some more difficult product designs. For example, when the code is printed on the PC material, we Niceone-Tech will choose the color-coded part with the screen printing background color to complete the product.


The biggest advantage of color printing is that when the product is large, the cost will be greatly reduced, and the color can be accompanied by a gradient effect. The disadvantage is that the colors of different batches will vary greatly.


The biggest advantage of screen printing is that the color is stable, and the color variation between different batches is low. Suitable for small batch production. The disadvantage is that the startup cost is higher.

Factors affecting the service life of Graphic Design Overlay?

Graphic Design Overlay's panel material, tape selection, ink, storage environment and usage environment, etc. If you want to extend the service life better, you need to choose materials, tapes and inks that match the use environment. For example, for UV resistance, you need to consider XE series materials, HP92W series and so on. Choose the anti-UV series for ink, and choose 3M for adhesive paper to exceed your expectations. If you need to know more, you can contact us and we will reply you as soon as possible.


Graphic Design Overlay form factor?

Graphic Design Overlay can be customized according to customer's requirements. If the shape is strange, laser cutting will be selected to solve it. The minimum size can be controlled at 2*2mm, but the thickness needs to be judged according to the actual situation.

Contact us and we will reply you as soon as possible.

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