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Membrane Switches in Health & Fitness Equipment

Membrane switch for the treadmill. The treadmill is regular fitness equipment in homes and gyms, and it is the simplest and best choice among the home fitness equipment. The treadmill membrane switch is a button with its own printed circuit and can be customized. Usually, the top layer is made of PET or PC material with text or patterns printed on the panel, and below it is a conductive printed circuit.


Niceone-tech Customized This Type Of Membrane Switch Has The Following Characteristics

1. Closed structure and waterproof structure, suitable for any environment

2. Low price and high reliability.

3. Convenient for customized production: size, appearance, color

4. Ultra-thin structure and good flexibility

5. Simple assembly, multi-function

6. Use dome or not

7. LED lights can be installed

Niceone-tech has its own SMT department, as well as hardware and wire suppliers. We can provide our customers with a series of one-stop solutions and value-added services such as the development and design of semi-finished products and finished products. I believe that with our joint efforts

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