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    Membrane switch can be called an operating system with good waterproof, dustproof, oilproof, harmful gas, etc, usually a 6-layer structure. The choice of structure and different materials will produce different types of membrane switches. Some membrane switches can achieve IP68 due to the choice of materials, resist ultraviolet rays, or antibacterial. The conventional thickness is below 1.0mm. And because of high performance, long life and beautiful appearance and other characteristics. Widely used in various types of control equipment, industrial equipment, and medical equipment, etc.
    The Membrane Switches extension technology improves the user experience: A. The Backlighting for membrane switch can be used indoors or outdoors with insufficient light and has superior performance; B. LGF, LED, EL, and optical fiber can be used as a light guide to form a backlighting membrane switch; C. Capacitive membrane switches allow electrical performance to be achieved through changes in capacitance.
    Some custom components related to membrane switches, usually they can be integrated with each other to increase the function of the membrane switch and improve product performance.
    Commonly used products: A. Dome Array is generally to speed up product placement and save time for producing membrane switches. B. The rubber keyboard can act as the panel of the membrane switch. It can also be directly combined with the PCB circuit board to form a complete electronic circuit product. C. Graphic Overlay can be used as the appearance label of hardware, plastic, and silicone products. D. Plastic can form a complete electronic product with membrane switch and electronic circuit board.

Niceone-tech is a professional HMI(human machine interface) touch screen panels / control module manufacturer. Niceone-tech has always been people-oriented, and should constantly improve the working environment and living environment of employees, so as to enhance the centripetal force of employees to the enterprise so that employees can concentrate on their work. Because of this, although Nicone-tech is now only a 70-person factory, our staff is very united. Over the past five years, Niceone-tech has developed a variety of membrane switches, silicone rubber products, and the plastic that has been sold to different countries and has been well received by customers. All this is inseparable from the efforts of each of our personnel.

Various Applications Of Niceone Membrane Switches
Niceone Design Studio
Custom service and what material Niceone uses for membrane switch panels
  • Conception Process

    All membrane switches, silicone, and plastic samples are required to make drawings. After knowing your needs, we will give our most professional opinions into feasible designs and draw blueprints and 3D files to realize your ideas one by one.

  • Sample Production

    Samples will generally be completed within 2-3 weeks. If the customer needs to be urgent, we can use the laser to cut the shape of the membrane switch, and the plastic can be printed with a 3D printer. The silicone time cannot be shortened. The quality of the rushed samples is also guaranteed.

  • Placement Production

    In general, the most complicated place of a custom membrane switch should be custom mounting. Niceone-tech will use the most advanced technology to mount products. And every link has operation instructions to control every level. As well as the customer's label and brand mounting needs, we will meet one by one.

  • Product Testing

    The testing standards for silicone buttons, membrane switches and plastic products are all different. Niceone-tech will test according to different products, and will keep all records for easy tracking.

  • Production Of Large Goods

    Mass goods will be equipped with COC, Packing list and inspection report.

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