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Membrane Switches in Defense

Some of the membrane switches sold by Niceone-tech abroad are used in military manufacturing. Because military products have strict requirements for membrane switches, there can be no mistakes.

The components installed in the membrane switch circuit may need to use a Flex printing circuit (FPC) or PCB. This type of circuit is more durable and can withstand more extreme temperatures. At the same time, the components assembled in the FPC and PCB circuit will be more durable and can Resistant to high-frequency vibration, low resistance, etc. If you want to design products for military applications, you need to consider many aspects when developing its membrane switch user interface:


The product life needs to be longer and the response is more sensitive:

In many cases, a high-quality membrane switch needs to be affected by many factors. The life of shrapnel, the choice of tape, the life of LEDs. Line selection, ink adhesion, etc. A good shrapnel life can reach 5,000,000 times. Good adhesive tape is similar to 3M adhesive tape and can be used at -20 degrees. The adhesion of the ink will affect the circuit and the panel. A good ink can pass the 100 grid test and will not drop due to a slight collision. The choice of panel material allows the membrane switch to adapt to different application environments. XE material can make the product resist ultraviolet rays. EBG material is very scratch resistant. At the same time, the copper flexible circuit on the polyimide is much more durable than the screen-printed polyester silver ink.


Much military personnel work in difficult environments and have short on-site response times, so we must make membrane switches easy to operate and easy to understand. Sometimes the product keys need to be spaced enough to avoid potential accidents. The rubber membrane switch can solve such problems.

At the same time, the backlit membrane switch is gradually being used in military enterprises, and it can also be used in darker places. You can see more details about backlighting solutions for keyboards here.

If you have any needs, please feel free to measure professional membrane keypad manufacturer Niceone-tech, we will reply within 24 hours.

Niceone-tech's Recommendations For Military Products

1. Excellent feel

2. Can use LGF, EL and other backlight membrane switches

3. Reliable waterproof and dustproof performance.

4. Resistance to ultraviolet rays

5. Scratch resistance and wear resistance.

6. EMI/ESD/RFI shielding, even through the membrane switch or silicone membrane switch of waterproof frame structure to achieve better shielding effect

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