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Graphic overlay: Graphic overlay is a film product with printed text, pattern, or logo light behind PVC, PC, PET, and other materials. It has a protective or marking effect. Usually different adhesive tapes such as 3M, Nitto adhesive tape, etc will be attached to the back. Some panels even play a role in antibacterial and anti-ultraviolet due to the choice of materials. Thin graphic panels overlay are widely used in various automated machines and various industrial electronic products.

Some custom components related to membrane switches, usually they can be integrated with each other to increase the function of the membrane switch and improve product performance.

Commonly used products:

  • Dome Array is generally to speed up product placement and save time for producing membrane switches.

  • The rubber keyboard can act as the panel of the membrane switch. It can also be directly combined with the PCB circuit board to form a complete electronic circuit product.

  • Graphic Overlay can be used as the appearance label of hardware, plastic and silicone products.

  • Plastic can form a complete electronic product with membrane switch and electronic circuit board.

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