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Tactile & Non-Tactile Membrane Switches

Tactile Membrane Switches products generally have Dome, and the products can be embossed or not. The combination of the shrapnel and the bottom line will realize the line conduction.

Tactile feedback is very good.

Due to the presence of bumps and shrapnel on the panel of tactile membrane switches, there will be a clearly sound or an obvious tactile effect during operation. The sound and touch can be used to judge whether the product is on.

To provide a better user experience.

Due to technological breakthroughs, even with convex button membrane switches, Niceone-tech can use backlight technology to combine with them to form higher value-added products.

Advantages of Tactile Membrane Switches:

  • Better tactile feedback:

    Compared with Non-Tactile Membrane Switches, Tactile Membrane Switches have a better sense of touch. Due to the use of Dome, you can still hear whether the product is activated in a noisy or dark environment.

  • More stable electrical performance.

  • Moisture-proof and waterproof

    Because the materials are hermetically bonded together, and because the structure is similar to Non-Tactile Membrane Switches, it has good moisture and waterproof effect. Electronic accessories can be well protected on this basis.

You must now have a certain understanding of metal tactile and non-tactile switches. A membrane switch is a very good electronic accessory, widely used in medical, military, marine, agricultural, etc. As a leading membrane keypad manufacturer, Niceone-tech can provide various types of membrane keypad/switches. If you need to customize the membrane switch, please feel free to contact us, our contact information is

Non-Tactile Membrane SwitchesNon-Tactile_Membrane_Switches.jpg

The buttons of Non-Tactile membrane switches are not embossed or only printed with button border ink. The realization of the function lies in the combination of the energization point on the panel or the energization point of the upper line and the line of the lower line to form line conduction. The main difference from Tactile Membrane Switches is that when the button of the Graphic overlay is pressed, there will be no obvious The sound, and does not provide any tactile feedback. The main method to determine the realization of the function is whether there is an optical change on the LEDs or LCD window. It is also possible to use LED backlighting techniques to determine whether the function is realized by judging whether the button or font is lit.

Advantages of Non-Tactile Membrane Switches

  • Longer life and more cost-effective products

    The Non-Tactile Membrane Switches structure does not have bumps and shrapnel, so the unit price will be more economical. At the same time, the life span is longer than Tactile Membrane Switches (life span can reach 5,000,000 times). Since there is no restriction of the dome, the buttons can be relatively closer to the edge. The designable area is more extensive.

  • Easier to clean

    Since Non-Tactile Membrane Switches are flat panels, the product is easier to clean. At the same time, since there is no internal air groove, the waterproof and moisture-proof effect will be better.

  • Combined with backlight technology to form higher value-added products

    Since Niceone-tech has spent a lot of money to research backlight technology in recent years, it has gradually combined Non-Tactile Membrane Switches and backlight technology to form a product that will not be unable to track the keys even if it is used in the dark.

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