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The membrane switch in the form of a backlight is a backlight in which the backlight is fused. There are usually four types of backlight: LED lights, LGF, EL and optical fiber As a result, the membrane switch logo or button has reached the form of the backlight so that the product can be used in the dark. This type of product is loved by medical and industrial device companies and sold well in foreign markets. We believe that the backlit membrane switch will gradually become the mainstream of membrane switches. The Membrane Switches extension technology improves the user experience.

  • The Backlighting for the membrane switch can be used indoors or outdoors with insufficient light and has superior performance.

  • LGF, LED, EL and optical fiber can be used as light guide to form a backlighting membrane switch.

  • Capacitive membrane switch allows electrical performance to be achieved through changes in capacitance

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