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What is Capacitive Touch Membrane Switches?

As the name implies, Capacitive Touch Membrane switch realizes the function of the membrane switch by changing the capacitance above the membrane. Capacitive touch sensing technology has become the mainstream of touch sensing technology. In the key scheme, it can improve the overall appearance of the product. The capacitive sensor touch switch can penetrate more than 20mm of the insulating material shell (glass, plastic, etc.), and accurately detects the effective touch of the finger, ensuring that the sensitivity, stability, and reliability of the product will not change due to environmental conditions Or change after long-term use, and has waterproof and strong anti-interference ability.



Why can Capacitive Touch Membrane Switches stand out among many switches?

The performance of Membrane switch is very superior, so it is widely used in different industries. Capacitive Touch Membrane switches are also a type of membrane switch. The capacitive induction touch switch does not require the human body to directly touch the metal, which can completely eliminate safety hazards. It can be used even with gloves, and is not affected by changes in the resistance of the human body in dry and humid weather, making it more convenient to use. There are no mechanical parts, no wear, unlimited life, reducing maintenance costs in the future. The sensing part can be placed behind any insulating layer (usually glass or plastic material), and it is easy to make a keyboard that is sealed to the surrounding environment.

The new technology combination of Capacitive Touch Membrane Switches:

Niceone-tech has discovered through Backlight membrane switch in recent years that Capacitive Touch Membrane Switcesh can also be designed as Backlight Capacitive Touch Membrane switch. Is it fascinating whether Capacitive Touch Membrane switches can be used in the dark without external light? Please check Backlight membrane switch and you will learn more.


The advantages of Capacitive Touch Membrane Switches are:

Simple application-single chip, very few peripheral parts, very simple circuit, no oscillation circuit, simple production process, only need to follow the schematic diagram to get satisfactory results. There are touch-sensitive key-sensing series ICs with a variety of special interface requirements, a single button, a variety of special interface requirements, no need to modify the product MCU main control program. It is very easy to interface with the single-chip microcomputer to realize various touch control applications.

Customizable-panel patterns can be freely designed, button sizes and shapes can be designed at will, characters, trademarks, perspective windows, etc. can be arbitrarily matched. The appearance is beautiful, stylish, non-fading, non-deformed, and durable. Fundamentally solve the effect that various metal panels and various mechanical panels cannot achieve. Its reliability and beautiful design are arbitrary, which can directly replace the existing ordinary panels

Free adjustment-touch sensing execution time (sensitivity) can be adjusted freely according to requirements;

No noise pollution-Because some products need no noise pollution, such as recording studios, hospitals, etc. Capacitive touch membrane switches have no shrapnel and embossing process, so there is no Tactile feedback and sound.

Superior waterproof performance-due to different conventional mechanical keyboards, conventional Capacitive Touch Membrane switches can achieve IP65 or even IP67 waterproof membrane switch

Easy to clean and resistant to chemical substances-since most of the materials are glass or PET and have a flat structure, it is very convenient for cleaning. The properties of the material make it resistant to corrosion and chemicals.

Wide range of applications-audio panels, telephone control keyboards, instrumentation control panels, washing machine control panels, intelligent access control system control panels, various small household appliances (induction cookers, disinfection cabinets, microwave ovens...), covering household appliances, handheld devices, industry Control, automotive electronics, military products, etc., are almost all applications involving control key operation panels.

Longer lifespan-Since the metal dome is cancelled, there is no life limit for the metal dome, which depends entirely on the life of the material. Since the material of the Capacitive Touch membrane switch is glass, PET and PC, the life span can reach millions of times.

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