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Membrane Switches in Marine Control

Many people should also find that the instruments on the navigation boat will also have a part of silicone and membrane switches. The biggest problems faced by the control part of marine instruments are the continuous exposure to ultraviolet rays, high humidity, changeable weather, and corrosion of seawater. This requires Niceone-tech's switch control part to meet the following requirements, UV resistance, high and low-temperature resistance, stable physical and chemical properties.


For the keyboard of the control part for offshore operation, Niceone-tech recommends the marine membrane switch panel keyboard or silicon rubber keyboard with IP65 or above. If you choose a silicone membrane switch or a silicone switch, Niceone-tech will add UV-resistant materials to the silicone to meet customer needs to prevent UV damage. If you choose a membrane switch to produce this product, not only to use XE anti-ultraviolet material or HP92W material to produce, Niceone-tech also recommends that customers use waterproof frames to produce membrane switches to achieve IP65 or more. Even if the product is large enough, then IP68 has a chance to meet. Niceone-tech has special ultrasonic technology to make the edge of the membrane switch achieve a sealing effect to protect the entire button from external influences.

Functions and Features of the Application Part of the Customized Overseas Control Keyboard

1. It is best to have ultraviolet resistance.

2. Waterproof performance reaches IP65 and above

3. Backlight technology can be used to produce membrane switches and silicone switches.

4. Corrosion resistance, surface wear, and various chemicals are required.

5. Need a good touch

6. FPC or PCB of Kapton flexible circuit can be used.

7. EMI/ESD/RFI shield or PI can also be used as a fixed shield.

8. Can use rubber keyboard backlight, only need to laser etch away the pigment on the surface of the silicone.

If you have any demand for such products, you can contact Niceone-tech at any time, and we will give you a professional reply as soon as possible.

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