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PCB Membrane Switch
PCB Membrane Switch
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PCB Membrane Switch

The glass fiber cloth in PCB (or printed circuit board) is one of the raw materials of copper clad laminate, which is woven from glass fiber yarn, which accounts for about 40% (thick board) or 25% (thin board) of the cost of the copper-clad board. Therefore, PCB laminate models include FR-4, CEM-1, and G-10. The most commonly used material for PCBs today is FR-4. Simply put, PCB is the most important body of electronic components. 

Advantages of PCB Membrane Switch

Niceone-tech believes that although the PCB membrane switch will be more expensive than the silver flex membrane switch, it can still be used in a large area because some of the performance of Silver Flex Membrane Switches cannot meet customer needs. One of the reasons is the welding of electronic original parts. The reason why many silver flex membrane switches are not suitable for installing too many electronic components is that the printed silver circuit and PET cannot withstand the high temperature of welding, but the PCB membrane switch can weld various Components and can withstand high temperatures. The second reason is that absolute pressure, vibration, or shock may damage some components of the screen printed membrane keyboard such as LEDs, but PCB membrane switches can overcome these problems.

As a leading membrane keypad manufacturer, Niceone-tech believes that PCB membrane switches are better than Silver Flex membrane switches in several places:

  • The resistivity is relatively low and the conductivity is high. Because the PCB is gold, tin, and nickel plating.

  • Use in an environment of absolute pressure, high vibration, and high impact

  • Compared with the high-resistance and high-defect of the hole filling of the Silver Flex membrane switch, the plated thru-hole resistance of the PCB will be lower, and the defect is also low. It is important that Niceone-tech can solder a large number of electronic components behind the PCB. Ideal for smaller designs where dense circuit patterns or trace routing limitations exist, by using plated thru-hole technology to utilize both sides of the PCB.

  • Different types of components can be soldered on the circuit board and are more robust.

  • Support hard soldering

  • Single-sided, double-sided, and multi-layer designs available

The Most Common Design Features of PCB Membrane Switch

  • The buttons on Graphic overlays are convex embossed, rim embossed or debossed.

  • The screen printing method of the product includes digital printing, screen printing or a combination of the two.

  • Different textures and surface finishes include the Gloss, Matte, Velvet.

  • It can have a non-tactile touch or polyester or metal shrapnel touch.

  • LEDs window can use different transparent colors of raw material color or silkscreen.

    Transparent white is a more common choice.

  • The LCD window can be selectively textured and treated with UV hard coating surface


In addition to the price, the PCB membrane switch has no advantage, the basic PCB membrane switch performance is completely beyond the Silver membrane switch.

Contact Niceone-tech today, or visit our Product Gallery for high-performance inventory and customized membrane switches for your unique applications. If you have any questions, please contact

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