Dongguan Niceone Electronics Technology Co., Ltd.
Design Studio

Niceone Design Studio

Conception Process

All membrane switches, silicone, and plastic samples are required to make drawings. After knowing your needs, we will give our most professional opinions into feasible designs and draw blueprints and 3D files to realize your ideas one by one.

Sample Production

Samples will generally be completed within 2-3 weeks. If the customer needs to be urgent, we can use the laser to cut the shape of the membrane switch, and the plastic can be printed with a 3D printer. The silicone time cannot be shortened. The quality of the rushed samples is also guaranteed.

Placement Production

In general, the most complicated place of a custom membrane switch should be custom mounting. Niceone-tech will use the most advanced technology to mount products. And every link has operation instructions to control every level. As well as the customer's label and brand mounting needs, we will meet one by one.

Product Testing

The testing standards for silicone buttons, membrane switches and plastic products are all different. Niceone-tech will test according to different products, and will keep all records for easy tracking.

Production Of Large Goods

Mass goods will be equipped with COC, Packing list and inspection report.

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