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Graphic Overlays

The structure of the Graphic overlay or control panel/keypad overlay is very simple. Custom graphic overlays are single-layer structure of polycarbonate or polyester or an interface layer composed of adhesive. Graphic overlay uses are generally divided into two types: one is as a decorative Graphic overlay, so the custom graphic overlays are more focused on whether to convey information such as the operation of the device, the company's logo, and product information. The second is the functional custom Graphic overlay, the product is more used for the circuit layer or the combination of silicone, and sometimes even combined with the shrapnel to form the shrapnel layer. Since Graphic overlay is the top-level structure of the graphic overlays, it must be aesthetically pleasing and impressive. As one of professional graphic overlay manufacturers, Niceone-tech not only pursues the beauty of the graphic overlays but also the high performance of the product. 

What Are Custom Graphic Keypad Overlays?

A graphic keypad overlay is a film printed on the top of the membrane switch. They are versatile and often play a decorative role in the design, which helps to provide a functional sense for the product. They are often used to implement the name or appearance of the company, as well as the company's logo. Because of the different functions of graphics superposition, they are widely used in different industries such as medical, commercial, construction, and electronics.

Graphic keypad overlays identify how to operate the equipment, communicate the basic information about the brand and other important system interfaces. Although their design is relatively simple, graphic overlay plays a key role in the operation and protection of electronic equipment, equipment, and machinery. Graphic coverage can be independent labels or top-level membrane switch components.

Since graphic keypad overlays are usually the first thing customers see when interacting with your product, graphic overlay prototypes must be attractive, easy to use, and fit your brand. In addition, the graphic overlay must be durable enough to withstand long-term reuse.

Niceone-tech's Design Suggestion for Custom Graphic Overlays

According to the application method of graphic membrane switch overlay, Niceone-tech's most professional design suggestions are given. Here are some suggestions from Niceone-tech for Graphic overlay materials:

  • Whether the product is used outdoors or indoors, if it is used outdoors, the external factors that affect the life of the product, such as ultraviolet light, temperature, humidity, and dust, must be considered for the panel and adhesive tape materials. If Graphic Overlay is to be used outdoors for long periods of time and extreme high and low-temperature use, Niceone-tech panel recommends the Autotex material of XE series or HP92W, etc., and Niceone-tech adhesive tape recommends 3M. For indoor use, Niceone-tech can provide different options according to the customer's budget. The most common design for products without windows is Autotex F150 or V150 + 3M adhesive. With windows, Niceone-tech recommends using EBG + 3M adhesive paper. But Niceone-tech will respect the customer's decision, we will only give our professional advice for customers to choose from.

  • The choice of Graphic overlay material can be polycarbonate or polyester, whichever has its unique properties. From the perspective of the number of driving times, Niceone-tech will recommend Polyester material because it can be pressed repeatedly millions of times without breaking. The PC material can't meet this requirement relatively. Conversely, if customers only need an indicator panel and the cost is lower, Polycarbonate is a good choice.

  • Graphic overlay needs to be resistant to bacteria or anti-microbial, and the chemical properties are required to be stable. The AM series of Autotex materials is a good choice.

  • The feel of the control panel is sometimes one of the conditions considered. Materials include Velvet, Gloss, Matte, and another different touch, Autotex of F, V, and XE series is Velvet, Autotex of EBG series, HP92W and FR-60 Lexan is Gloss. Matte touch is EBA and HP-40Lexan as options.

If you want to know what material is most suitable for your Graphic panel product, and want to customize a polycarbonate overlay or polyester overlay suitable for you, please contact If you need to customize graphic overlay, Niceone-tech will Produce drawings within 3 days, send graphic overlay prototype within 15 days.

Main Uses and Applications for Graphic Keypad Overlays

The graphic keypad overlays can be used together with membrane switches, which makes them have a wide range of applications. Including medical equipment, robot, computer, telecom machine, control panel, HMI, automobile, etc. Since the graphic keypad overlays would determine the appearance of the equipment to some extent. The quailty of the graphic keypad would be of great importance.

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