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Dome Arrays
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Dome Arrays

Dome is a tactile product, so choosing a good Dome is one of the prerequisites for creating an excellent membrane switch. Then the load, structure and life of the shrapnel are also points that customers should pay attention to.

Custom Dome Arrays and Dome Slices


Because Dome chooses multiple loads based on whether the customer's panel is convex, the thickness of the panel, and even the height of the middle level, Niceone-tech generally recommends shrapnel between 280-420G first. If the panel is thick and not embossed, then we would recommend using heavier shrapnel.


Shrapnel is usually made of stainless steel, nickel-plated or gold-plated. Some shrapnels have a lifespan of up to 5,000,000 times. It can also last for a long time when used in outdoor environments. At the same time, the resistance of nickel-plated and gold-plated shrapnel is lower than that of stainless steel Dome.

Life cycle:

The life span of shrapnel is generally: 100,000-5,000,000.

On this basis, we can use Dome sheets or dome arrays, so that a large number of shrapnel can be installed on the printed circuit board at one time, simplifying the assembly process. It can be said to be one of the solutions for quickly assembling membrane switches.

The structure is usually 0.75mm Mylar+0.05PET+Dome. After placement, it is directly mounted on the printed circuit board to simplify the assembly process. It can be said to be one of the solutions for quickly assembling membrane switches.

Niceone-tech's investment in surface mount technology enables the output of products to be accurate and fast to mount the shrapnel, and will not cause double shrapnel phenomenon to prevent the sudden stacking of shrapnel load. And the cost is lower and the benefit is higher.

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