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Membrane Switches in Industrial Controls

Niceone-tech has produced many membrane switches for industrial control parts. When it comes to such products, these products may have to be used against very harsh environments including dust, outdoors, and changing weather, even under long-term UV exposure. Therefore, we must design a membrane switch that can meet the needs of customers. It must have a performance of IP65, resist ultraviolet rays, and so on.


Solutions And Functions Of Customized Membrane Panel Switches In Industrial Control Interfaces

1. Membrane switch with backlight can be selected

2. EMI/ESD/RFI can be used as a shield for membrane switches

3. The choice of stainless steel, gold-plated, nickel-plated dome is based on customer requirements. If you want to lower the resistance of the membrane switch, then we highly recommend the use of gold-plated shrapnel or nickel-plated shrapnel.

4. Kapton Flex circuit, PET printed circuit, or PCB circuit.

5. Membrane switches generally have ZIF, FEMALE, or Male. If the brand is selected, there are generally CJT, Nicomatic, Molex, etc.

6. Membrane keys also have different options.

Solutions And Functions Of Customized Silicone Buttons

In the industrial controller part, silicone buttons have always been a very good choice. Because it can customize different structures according to the needs of different customers. It can even form a silicone membrane switch with a membrane circuit. The excellent physical and chemical properties of silicone rubber make it a higher level when used as a membrane switch panel.

1. The silicone rubber keyboard keys can be glued, which makes them feel better and the logo of the keys can be protected.

2. Conductive carbon pills, silver pills, and gold pills. If low resistance is required, we highly recommend the latter.

3. Silicone buttons need to be transparent, Niceone-tech will use laser etching.

4. UV protection material

5. Antibacterial material

6. PU coating, or feel oil

7. Can be combined with membrane switch to form a silicone membrane switch.

Copper Flex As a Circuit Advantage

1. Low resistance relative to PET as a line.

2. The pitch of the line can reach 0.5mm

3. More heat resistant

4. Waterproof performance is better than PET

5. Can be bent without causing an open circuit

6. Routing can be more complicated.

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