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Is the membrane switch suitable for laser cutting or die cutting production?

When customizing membrane switches, Niceone-tech is always asked a question, is my product suitable for laser cutting or mold production? Before answering this question, we need to understand the principle and applicability of the two. Today, Niceone-tech will analyze the difference between the two in detail with you.


laser cutting

First of all, we will use laser cutting to cut each layer of the membrane switch and then assemble it, and we can also cut multiple membrane panels at the same time. Although the laser machine can also cut multiple layers of material at the same time, the thickness should not be too thick, otherwise the edges will be burnt. Laser cutting is also not suitable for cutting PC materials, because PC will melt when heated, resulting in deformation of product edges. But for Membrane Overlay, and the thickness is not too thick, laser cutting is a good choice.

The advantages are:

1. The production of Membrane Switch does not require molds, which is suitable for rapid production of small batches of samples

2. Because the time required from the production of the mold to the completion of the test is close to 1 week - the laser cutting can save the cost and production time of the shape mold of the inter-piece mold. Faster time.

3. Suitable for preliminary product design.


The disadvantages are:

1. PC material cannot be cut.

2. The size error is large, and the edge of the Membrane Switch is black.

3. Not suitable for mass production.


Die cutting

Die cutting generally has more structural layers of Membrane Switch to customize the die. The molds include metal punches, metal shape molds and metal punching dies.

Hardware punch: Generally, the Membrane Switch will only use the Embossing mold, which generally makes the top of the Membrane Switch button get the shape of Embossing and good Tactile Feedback.

Hardware shape mold: directly punch all the attached polyester materials, adhesive and shrapnel shapes.

Metal punching die: mainly punching and positioning each layer of material of Membrane Switch.


The advantages of die cutting are:

1. If a metal mold is used, the error control is better and can even be controlled within 0.1mm.

2. Suitable for mass production of Membrane Switch.

3. The total cost is lower


The disadvantages are:

1. The first mold cost is higher than laser cutting

2. The production lead time for samples is 10-14 days.



If your needs are prototype orders or thin-film panel products, laser cutting would be a more suitable choice as the cost is lower and the production cycle is not very long. Die cutting is a better choice when you need high volume orders.

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