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How to Ensure That the Metal Dome Membrane Switch Used at Sea Does Not Appear or Reduce the Probability of Failure?

A customer who produces electronic finished products for offshore equipment discussed with us a question about how to prevent the metal dome membrane switch manufactured by Niceone-tech from malfunctioning or to reduce the probability of malfunction. If marine equipment fails, life safety accidents are prone to occur.

Before that, we need to know the possible failures and causes of the Metal Dome Membrane Switch at sea, and provide Niceone-tech's solutions to the problems:


1. Metal Dome Membrane Switch is corroded due to the high water content on the sea and the high moisture content of the circuit, and the high salt content of the metal:

In the marine environment, the most common problems encountered by electronic components are moisture and sea salt corrosion. If the Metal Dome Membrane Switch is one of the electronic accessories, if it is damp and corroded by sea salt, not only the life of the product will be reduced, but the damp will cause the circuit to short-circuit.


A. Design the product to be a waterproof frame design above IP67: This type of design can prevent moisture from invading the circuit, thereby avoiding the problem of circuit short-circuit and adhesive blistering.

B. The panel adopts Autotype material or silicone rubber keypad as the panel material: the advantage is that these products have strong resistance to most corrosive substances.

C. Use 3M adhesive: strong adhesiveness, and can adapt to the changing temperature of the ocean.

D. Choose Flex copper circuit or Printing control board as the circuit: Compared with the silver oil circuit Membrane switch, the product circuit is not easy to be damp and oxidized to cause the circuit to short circuit.


2. If the Metal Dome Membrane Switch is exposed to sunlight for a long time, the product will age and its performance will gradually lose.

Marine products are often used under the sun. Direct sunlight represents high-intensity ultraviolet rays, which cause physical and chemical changes to the product. Product performance is gradually lost and the product begins to age.


A. Use anti-ultraviolet panel materials such as Xe material or anti-ultraviolet Silicone rubber keypad to directly protect all the underlying materials: this type of material has strong resistance to ultraviolet rays, so it is often used in outdoor and marine products.


3. Metal Dome Membrane Switch loses tactile feedback with prolonged use, causing problems with electronic devices.

The main reason is the choice of shrapnel, the wrong choice of embossing height and structure

A. Metal dome selection: Gold-plated or nickel-plated metal dome is preferred. The advantage is that the resistance of the product will be reduced and the sensitivity of the product will increase. The size of the metal dome is between 8mm-12mm, and the life of the Metal dome in this size range is the longest. This approach increases the life of your product.

B. The height of embossing: Since most of the panel materials are between 0.125-0.25mm, the choice of height is best controlled within 0.3-0.5mm. If the thickness is too low, although the product life will be relatively extended by 10%, the tactile feedback is poor. If the height is greater than 0.5mm, the material will be severely stretched and the pigment will be broken. Even if it is shipped to the customer and used for a period of time, it will not have any effect. However, as time goes by, the ink will be broken, or even the material will crack. Open question. At the same time, when the bump is too high and the Metal dome cannot be touched, the product will feel malfunctioning. To solve this kind of problem, it is necessary to increase the touch point above the Metal dome.

C. Misselection of structure level: The total thickness of the adhesive tape from the panel to the circuit is less than 0.5mm and there is no bump, so the metal dome will be squeezed and cannot be used normally. If the total thickness of the adhesive tape from the panel to the circuit is greater than 1mm, and the panel keys are difficult to touch the Metal dome, the product will experience malfunction. Or Tactile feedback is poor. To solve this kind of problem, it is necessary to increase the touch point above the Metal dome.

After solving such problems, the electronic accessories can basically be prevented from appearing or failing less, so as to avoid the occurrence of safety accidents.


Can Niceone-tech give more additional functions to the metal dome membrane switch used at sea, thereby enhancing your product's competitive advantage in the market?

The answer is: YES

1. Adopt LGF backlight structure: This kind of Metal dome membrane switch belongs to the category of Backlit membrane switch. It is different from the conventional Membrane switch in that it has low power consumption and the key has the characteristics of backlight as a whole, which is very suitable for use in low-light environments. At the same time, since the LGF light guide plate is a product independently developed by Niceone-tech, the backlit membrane switch manufactured by Niceone-tech has a cost advantage.

2. Use Silicone rubber keypad as a panel: Silicone rubber keypad is a common Keypad product, and its physical and chemical properties are very stable and have been well received. The combination of Silicone rubber keypad and Metal dome membrane switch can combine the advantages of the two. When there is more demand for Silicone rubber keypad, the unit price is not only more advantageous, but also has a strong waterproof effect. It is often the choice of Metal Dome Membrane Switch with higher waterproof level.

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