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Differences Between Membrane Keypad and Mechanical Keyboard

Ⅰ. The working principles between a membrane keypad and a mechanical keypad

1. There are three layers of circuit boards inside the membrane keypad, the upper and lower layers are printed with conductive circuits, and the center compartment is an insulating layer. The keyboard relies on the silica gel under the keys to press to the end so that the first and third layers of the keyboard can touch and trigger Signal. Because the core circuit inside the keyboard is planned on the membrane material, it is called the membrane keypad.

2. The working principle of the mechanical keyboard is that there is an independent shaft under each key, which is responsible for signal triggering. After the user presses the key, the two springs inside the shaft touch each other and trigger the Signal. Because each mechanical keyboard key needs a unique shaft, the price of a mechanical keyboard is higher and heavier than a membrane keypad.

Ⅱ. Advantages of membrane keypad

The advantages of a membrane keypad are low cost, high adaptability, high waterproofing, no wear, and quiet. If the requirements aren't too high or too specific, the membrane keypad can meet all of your daily needs.

If you are looking for higher requirements, you can choose a custom membrane keyboard. Sometimes the gap between ordinary and advanced is not big, but the details bring a better experience, and the mechanical keyboard just meets these needs.

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