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Membrane Switches Installation Method and Steps

Dongguan Niceone Electronics Technology is a professional design and large-scale production of membrane switches, silicone rubber keyboards and plastic products. We always adhere to the people-oriented concept. Through continuous improvement of employees' working environment and living environment, we enhance the centripetal force of employees to the company to concentrate on their work. Membrane switches have been widely used in industrial control, ship control, medical equipment, fitness equipment and other industries and fields. 

Ⅰ. The method steps for installing and using the membrane switches

1. Clean the surface to be attached to the membrane touch switch (the surface to be connected is required to be smooth, rust-free, oil-free, and dust-free).

2. Compare the size. Put the membrane switch where you want to paste and compare whether the size and position are just right.

3. Then, peel off the centrifugal paper at the bottom of the membrane switch about 10mm from the side.

4. Then put the membrane switch in the corresponding position to stick apart, then slowly tear off the remaining centrifugal paper (when the angle cannot exceed 15 degrees), and paste it to the corresponding position in turn.

5. During the pasting process, if the membrane switch on the reverse side of the centrifugal paper is torn off, it needs to be placed first, and it should be placed on the reverse side to prevent it from sticking to other objects and affecting the pasting.

Ⅱ. Precautions for thin film switch

Pasting cannot be repeated. It needs to be done at one time; the tearing angle cannot exceed 15 degrees; when trying to touch the touch, be sure to lay it flat on the table before pressing it, not hold it in hand and press it in the air, otherwise both It will affect the service life of the membrane switch.

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