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Characteristics of Flexible Membrane Switch

A flexible membrane switch is a common type of membrane switch. This type of membrane switch is called flexible because its mask, isolation, and circuit layers are all made of flexible films with varying properties. As the switch circuit pattern carrier, the circuit layer of the adjustable membrane switch employs polyester film (PET) with special electrical functions. This layer is further subdivided into hand-feeling shrapnel, as well as upper and lower circuits.

Ⅰ. The flexible membrane switch has good resistance to insulation, heat, and bending

The flexible membrane switch has excellent insulation, heat resistance, flexural resistance, and high resilience due to the influence of the properties of the polyester film.

Ⅱ. The flexible membrane switch is soft

The graphics of the switch circuit, including the switch connection and its lead wires, are all selected with low resistance and printed with conductive paint cured under low-temperature conditions. Therefore, the composition of the entire membrane switch board has a certain degree of flexibility, suitable for use on a flat body and compatible with a curved body.

Ⅲ. The flexibility of flexible membrane switch

The lead wire of the flexible membrane switch is integrated with the switch body. When the collective switch is manufactured online, it is gathered at a particular part of the membrane and extended outwards according to the plan's orientation and standard line distance. Any tortuous, sealed lead wire is connected to the rear circuit of the complete machine.

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