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Knowledge about Poly Dome panel

Poly Dome Silver Flex Membrane switch Panel:

It can also be called Up and down line membrane switch. Regarding the Poly dome Silver Flex membrane panel, there are also two types of conventional products, usually the screen printed silver conductive ink dot on the back of the graphic overlay button or the screen printed conductive ink on the fixed layer PET At the same time, the adhesive paper between them is thinner, generally 0.05-0.125mm adhesive is used. The biggest feature is the elimination of shrapnel. Poly dome membrane flex panels generally use Polyethylene as the panel material, because Polycarbonate is relatively brittle, and Polyethylene as the panel material has a very long life cycle. When a better metal mold is selected for the mold, the life span can even exceed 1,000,000 times, and it has better tactile feedback.

Since the Poly Dome Silver Flex membrane switch panel does not have a metal dome, even though the product has a tactile feel, it is much quieter than the membrane switch panel with a metal dome when the user presses the button. Therefore, Poly Dome Silver Flex membrane switch panel is more often used in recording studios or hospitals.

The Poly Dome Silver Flex Membrane Switch Panel has no metal dome, and its force is mainly affected by the diameter and height of the polydome. The most direct way to say is that the polydome made by the hardware mold is affected by the properties and material of the mold, which has a very good feel and a long life. Changing the shape and size of the dome can produce different feedback and motivational forces. Due to the lack of metal dome, the unit price of the product will be more cost-effective, but the mold cost is relatively high. When there are more buttons, Poly Dome is a good choice.

Benefits of Polyester Dome Silver Membrane Switches:

1. Easy to clean

2. Can be applied to various environments

3. Softer actuations that are extremely quiet

4. Cost-effective

Lighted or backlighted Polydome Silver Flex Membrane Switches

Electroluminescent (EL)

EL backlight is driven by high frequency and low power. EL is very thin, it is a substitute for traditional lighting technology, and is widely used in various electronic accessories. The life of EL backlight products mainly depends on the driving voltage, frequency, temperature and humidity. But most EL membrane switches can reach a life of 4000 hours or more. The brightness of the EL membrane switch will attenuate linearly from the initial power-on. This is also an unavoidable disadvantage relative to other backlight membrane switch panels.

The EL backlit membrane switch provided by Niceone-tech will not cause heat, electricity and EMI problems. Mainly EL is more often a "cold" lighting medium.

Fiber Optics

Fiber optic membrane switches are also a good choice for backlighting. The optical fiber material is very thin and can be used as a fixed layer of the membrane switch. At the same time, tactile feedback is better without adding a touch point. Life expectancy is up to 50,000 to 100,000 hours. The main light source is from LEDs.

Through the optical fiber transmission in the membrane switch needs to light up. And can be larger than the surface-mounted LED backlight area. Click Fiber Optics membrane switch for more information.


A common Light Emitting Diodes membrane switch with relatively low cost. Since this technology membrane switch cannot meet the lighting of a large area, it is mostly used for indication purposes. It is a relatively old technology. But the service life is long and deep customers love it.

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