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How To Do? When We Find The Laser Silicone Rubber Keypad Light Bleed?

More and more laser engraved silicone keys installed on a variety of machines , spray laser engraving technology silicone products of many forms , some of the laser engraved silicone keys can not leak light , how should we prevent it ?

First of all, the main forms of producing radium engraved silicone keys are as follows:

1.Directly transparent silicone surface will be printed characters by screenprinting, so that the whole key are transparent,

2.Directly print hollow characters on the surface of transparent silicone rubber keypads.This product is similar to the above one in terms of light transmission, but its side is also transparent;

3. Choice transparent color silicone. We will print oil on the surface, such as grey oil, red oil, black oil, etc., and then paint the oil layer with radium to carve out the characters so that only the characters are transparent and the product side is opaque.The method 3 is the best choice to make this kind of product.

Usually we would advise the customer to choose the third way, but there is a problem of light leakage in this way, how to solve the problem of light leakage?Consider the following approaches:

1. The most direct method is to print the ink to be thicker;

2. Before priting the last layer of ink, apply a layer of base oil, which is used to block light and prevent light leakage;

3. If the distance between the two silicone keys is too small, the structure will affect the effect of oil injection shading, then you can only use the way of oil coating, before the last layer of ink spraying, can not spray the location of a layer of ink shading, but the cost of this way is the most difficult to control, it is not recommended that customers choose this way.

No matter spray thick, add layer of bottom oil or the way of oil.We need to consider not to affect the radium carving process.Because the oil layer is too thick, it is possible that radium vulture will not to remove oil clearly.Niceone-tech factory is a manufacturer specializing in customized silicone rubber keypad products. All processes, including molding, screen printing, spraying, glue dropping and assembly, are independently completed in the factory and provided online by engineering

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