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Membrane Switch Allows Your Equipment to Increase Productivity in the Agricultural Industry

Agriculture is the source of human food and clothing, the foundation of survival, and the primary condition of all production. Food is the most basic means of survival for mankind. Agricultural personnel and agricultural equipment manufacturers have been committed to improving the production efficiency of the agricultural industry. As a Membrane switch supplier, we often discuss with agricultural personnel and agricultural equipment manufacturers how to improve production efficiency.


Reduce the failure rate of Membrane switch

Provide durable, practical and designed Membrane switch solutions that can increase production efficiency

Choose the right materials to deal with different agricultural environments

Provide design concepts that are cost-effective and increase added value.

How to achieve the above 4 points to make your agricultural equipment products stand out in the market?

Reduce the failure rate of Membrane switch

1. Membrane switch needs to be fully inspected before shipment.

Before shipment of Membrane switch, color inspection, circuit function, LEDs performance, metal dome life test and ink adhesion are required. This step is to avoid the product's life shortening and frequent failures causing production delays and reducing production efficiency after the machine is on the machine due to poor shipments by the manufacturer. This is also the reason why product shipments require full inspection.

These are similar parts to the 4000109340D and 4000109350D overlay you make for us, and those products have been very successful. You started making them for us about a year ago. They are working fine and I even have one being tested out in the weather for a year.


2. Correctly mount the Membrane switch to the plastic case or the hardware case.

The wrong mounting method can cause damage to the Metal dome, damage to the LEDs by static electricity, and bending damage to the circuit. Such problems can easily lead to an increase in product failure rate. So we have prepared a document for the customer to mount Membrane switch to the chassis, please click here


Choose the right materials to deal with different agricultural environments

Is your product an indoor product or an outdoor product? Does your product need to withstand extreme temperatures or not? The two biggest differences between outdoor products and indoor products are the issues of ultraviolet rays and waterproofing. Should I choose conventional polyester material or UV resistant material? Only by choosing the right materials for the use environment can your products be more durable and lasting and reduce the failure rate of your products.

1. Outdoor VS indoor use:

The common problems outdoors are UV and waterproof performance. The choice of materials requires UV resistance and adhesive tape requires high adhesion. Commonly used panel materials for UV resistance are HP92W or XE series Polyester.

Membrane Switch used indoors is more important to pay attention to the problem of anti-glare and window scratches.

Anti-glare can choose F and V series Polyester printing window oil of Kotutai brand. You can also use EBG printing matte ink in addition to the buttons and windows. The window of EBG material is scratch-resistant. Double-sided hardened PC can also be used.


2. How to Choose Metal Dome

It is recommended to choose 8.4-12mm shrapnel, excellent tactile feedback, and a life span of up to 1,000,000 keystrokes. Some brands, such as Nicomatic or Snaptron, have shrapnel life as high as 5,000,000. As a Membrane switch accessory, if the button needs sensitive response and resistance angle, then you can use gold-plated or nickel-plated Metal Dome.

Provide durable, practical and designed Membrane switch solutions that can increase production efficiency

1. New design of backlight membrane switch can be provided:

Using this kind of products in agricultural equipment, even in rainy or dark conditions, agricultural personnel can also work to improve production efficiency.


2.Design a good airtight structure:

Irrigation equipment is common in agricultural equipment, which often faces the problem of excessive water or short circuit caused by water entering electronic equipment. Common solution: The designer of Niceone-tech will lead the circuit to the outlet, and try to keep the LEDs and metal dome away from the edge to solve the waterproof problem.

3. Color selection of Membrane switch:

If the colors are all close to the color system, it will cause improper operation by the user. How to use the correct color combination to make the key combination more suitable is also a hot topic in design.

Provide design concepts that are cost-effective and increase added value.

While satisfying the needs of customers and improving their productivity, we will minimize the cost of customers and increase the added value of their products. The specific solutions to make customers more competitive in the market are:

1. Reduce customer costs:

It is analyzed that the product that the customer needs is a Membrane switch that is used indoors and will not be used outdoors. Consider using conventional polyester or polycarbonate materials instead of UV resistant materials. The shrapnel chooses nickel-plated shrapnel instead of blindly pursuing gold-plated shrapnel.

Inside the factory: Niceone-tech purchases a large number of automation equipment to more effectively reduce customer costs.

2. Increase the added value of products:

The Membrane switch can be produced by using glue to make your product more beautiful. Increased aesthetic value. You can also use LGF technology to make your product available in the dark.


Here are some feedbacks from customers who purchased Niceone-tech's membrane switches:

Farmer Tom:

The failure of the previously purchased Membrane switch caused the low production efficiency, which made me very distressed, but after purchasing the Niceone-tech membrane switch and using it for a year, we found that the failure of the Membrane switch was basically zero, which greatly improved our productivity. . , I am very grateful for everything Niceone-tech has done.

Equipment manufacturer Jill:

Niceone-tech's novel design and professional level make my products more competitive in the market. Not only that, but the high value-added makes my product unique in the market, which leads to more orders.

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