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Four Common Design Flaws and Improvement Schemes of Membrane Button

The long-lasting durability of Membrane Button is very important for the medical and commercial industries, otherwise the loss caused by functional failure of the device is incredible. According to the 2017 McKinsey Report, in the medical industry alone, the cost of unconventional qualified costs has increased the cost of the product by an additional $5 billion. Not only that, the lives of patients will also be damaged due to the failure of electronic equipment. Users will question the manufacturer of production equipment and lose market confidence. As a Membrane button manufacturer, Niceone-tech has found that many Membrane buttons can avoid many problems during the long-term production of Membrane buttons.


Four common design flaws:

  • Cross-over connections(bridged” or “jumper” connections): Although this type of circuit design has a higher level of wiring space, silver migration often causes short-circuit problems and excessive resistance.

Improvement plan: Use Fill hole silver oil line (as shown below) Flex copper circuit or Printing Circuit Board. This can avoid the hidden dangers of silver migration and excessive resistance.


  • Selection of raw materials: In many cases, product failures are often caused by raw materials. Metal dome did not choose nickel plating or gold plating, resulting in too high line resistance. Using Polycarbonate as a high-frequency use of Membrane Button will cause the sheet to break, which will contaminate the product and damage its function. Not only this, but also a lot of raw materials must be selected in accordance with the actual situation.

Improvement plan: You can choose gold-plated or nickel-plated shrapnel to reduce resistance. Polyester is used as the panel material for high frequency use.

  • Poorly-designed tail exit:Membrane button Membrane button Tail exit is too close to the edge. The circuit is susceptible to damp, which leads to short circuit functions of the circuit and even silver migration problems.

Improvement plan: Tail exit should be moved to the inside as much as possible, and the exit form below should be selected at the same time.


  • Membrane button thickness higher than enclosure: Adhesive is prone to be contaminated by moisture and chemical substances, causing adhesive and material delamination. The line will also be contaminated. It is common that double lines and material selection are wrong.

Improvement scheme: 1. Use Flex copper circuit or Printing circuit Board to reduce the thickness of the circuit. 2. Membrane button optimizes the structure to reduce the thickness of the material.

Niceone-tech Inc believes that providing customers with a good product not only allows customers to obtain more durable products, but more importantly, it reduces many hidden costs and solves potential design risks. Contact Niceone-tech, we will conduct a free risk assessment for your product within 24 hours.

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