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User Interface Products for Withstand Harsh Environments

A membrane switch is an option of the commonly used man-machine interface, high-quality membrane switch can be antibacterial, anti-ultraviolet, and used in extreme environments. At the same time, the user interface of the membrane switch customized by Niceone-tech according to the needs of customers is very delicate and beautiful, with long life, and the electrical functions can cope with the harshest environment. Niceone-tech has always been committed to providing high-quality membrane switches.

First of all, the advantages of membrane switches are:

  • Membrane switch has UV protection, waterproof, high and low-temperature resistance, and long life.

  • The tactile feedback of the membrane switch key is better, and the process is simple.

  • Lightweight and small size, will not occupy too much space in electronic products.

  • The operation buttons are relatively simple, which is convenient for the operator to use

Although membrane switches have many benefits, as a manufacturer of membrane switches, we want to let customers know that membrane switches will have many problems due to environmental conditions and external factors and know how to solve them.

  • High voltage working environments and high humidity environments are easy to cause silver migration. Solution: Use Printing Circuit Board or Copper Flex circuit to produce membrane switches.

  • Long time outdoor use. Environmental conditions are considered: UV damage to the product. Corrosive liquid (acid rain) damages the product. Niceone-tech's solution: use UV-resistant panel materials Autotype XEF and V series or PC HP92W, and chemically and physically stable panel materials such as Autotype F and V series. Even we can use silicone keys as membrane switches Panel.

  • The environment with high humidity. If the humidity is high, if the product adhesion is not ideal, the internal electrical components will be easily corroded, resulting in short circuits in electrical performance, silver migration, and burn-in problems.

  • Whether the product has a window. If the product has a window, you need to consider whether the product needs scratch resistance. Niceone-tech recommends that customers choose EBG, EBA, a scratch-resistant material.

  • Are there any mechanical parts inside the product casing? The circuit of Membrane switch panels sometimes causes the UV and silver foil of the circuit to be scratched due to the sharpness of the machine components, resulting in a short circuit phenomenon? The recommendation given by Niceone-tech is 1. Use PET protective film or Mylar to protect circuit 2. Copper flex circuit as the circuit.

  • Long-term vibration. If it is a long-term vibration, then the components on the circuit of the Silver membrane switch may sometimes fall and cause problems in the electronic circuit. Our suggestion is to use PCB or FPC as the circuit.

  • The product volume is small. Sometimes the volume of the product is small, but there are many functions to be realized. Niceone-tech will recommend customers to use the Copper Flex membrane switch or Pcb membrane switch to realize the man-machine interface. Because the complex electronic circuit function can be completed by a double-layer circuit or multi-layer circuit.

Niceone-tech feels that choosing the right material and structure is the key to producing high-quality membrane switches.When customers use products that include HMI (Human Machine Interface), customers very much hope that the products are durable, beautiful and easy to operate without functional failure due to the harsh environment.Niceone-tech always wanted to let more people know that the membrane switch is really a very good product. One of them is Membrane Switches Can Improve Medical Device Product Design.

The first is that the human-machine interface of medical equipment is the most commonly used. In this case, a poorly designed membrane switch will quickly fail and cause equipment problems. In the medical industry, any failure may cause a loss of life. Since the durability of the membrane switch solves these problems very well, it is slowly being applied to medical equipment.

In medical equipment, there is a more important problem-bacteria. Since medical equipment encounters more germs and pathogens than conventional equipment, it is necessary to clean the product repeatedly. If the product fails, it will cause damage to the product and the patient will be infected.

  • The requirements of the equipment must be able to resist the disinfection of alcohol or other chemical substances, indicating that the materials must be resistant to alcohol or chemical substances.

  • The product must have antibacterial properties.

  • The product needs to resist repeated cleaning. Products need excellent waterproof performance

Fortunately, some membrane switches can meet these requirements. The material can use antibacterial, physical, and chemical properties as the cover layer. At the same time provide durable adhesive paper or waterproof frame structure, so that the product can reach the IP level and use it in harsh environments will not cause the product to be damaged due to high humidity and extreme temperatures. The antibacterial material can prevent the growth of mold and germs while avoiding corrosion.

The membrane switch panel is responsive and easy to operate. Because the membrane switch can provide good tactile feedback (with light, auditory) feedback. Can reduce a lot of input problems. At the same time, the keys are easy to operate, and there will be no complicated operation.

Niceone-tech concluded that the membrane switch makes it very suitable for medical equipment in terms of design and performance. Performance is antibacterial, long life, waterproof, easy to operate, easy to clean, and economical. Beautiful and beautiful in design, convenient for users to operate.

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