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'Stars' In The Dark Night-Light Guide Membrane Switch

Membrane switches are more and more widely used. Careful customers have also found that some new types of membrane switches-Light guides membrane switch are used in different scenarios. The biggest feature of this type of membrane switch is that the buttons, fonts or logos are all used. It can be lit by a built-in light source, which can come from LEDs or EL sheets. The main application is in dark places or night. Light Guides membrane switch is visible as bright stars in the dark night.

What is Light Guides?

When explaining this problem again, our simple Light Guides are divided into three EL forms, LEDs form and fiber optic backlighting. However, EL does not rely on LEDs as the main light source, while LEDs and Fiber optics require LEDs as the main light source.

Light Guides can be simply regarded as a material for guiding light sources. Mainly, the light source of Leds uses Light Guide materials such as fiber optic or LGF (materials independently developed by Niceone-tech) to evenly distribute the light source to each button and the area that needs to emit light, or the EL cold light sheet is passed the AC voltage applied to the electrodes at both ends , And the generated electric field stimulates a physical phenomenon in which fluorescent substances emit light, that is, electroluminescence.


What is the difference between EL membrane switch, LGF membrane switch and fiber optic membrane switch?


LED Backlighting

EL Lamp Backlighting

LGF Backlighting

Fiber optic

Manufacturing Ddifficulty Level





Backlighting Uniformity




Much Better

Tool Cost




Very high

Product Cost





Production cycle





We have made a simple flow chart to facilitate customer observation.

Whether we can only choose LGF backlighting as the main choice of Light Guide membrane switch. In fact, Niceone-tech will customize different solutions for customers according to their requirements and use environment. Although LGF backlighting membrane switch is very superior, it also has certain limitations such as high cost relative to LEDs membrane switch. Compared with EL lamp backlighting and Fiber Optic membrane switc, sometimes the product buttons are too dense and there is not enough space to install LEDs. Happening. Sometimes the product has used the old technology for a long time and some verification cannot be changed. But the specific situation is analyzed in detail. It is undeniable that the Light guide film membrane switch is an excellent product.

What are the advantages of Light Guide membrane switch?

1. The product can be used in dark or dark places.

2. Product life is about 3000-10000 hours-the life of EL sheet is relatively only a few thousand hours, but the life of LGF membrane switch and fiber optic membrane switch is as high as 10000 hours.

3. Low energy consumption-compared with LEDs membrane switch, these three use fewer lights.

4. The product thickness can be less than 1mm.


About the aesthetic considerations of Membrane switch:

Membrane switch as an electronic device HMI, we need to consider many things-mechanical function, aesthetics, etc. If we understand the product more deeply, we will find that the first thing that affects users is the aesthetics of the product. Perhaps many people think that as long as the function of a product can be realized, it does not matter whether it is beautiful or not, but according to our research. Aesthetics will have an impact on customer experience, senses and loyalty, and even affect the premium of the product. Aesthetics includes color matching, embossing selection, material selection, etc.

How to produce a perfect membrane switch has always been not a simple problem that can be solved. What kind of product is the most aesthetic product. Everyone has their own answer, but what Niceone-tech can do is to meet the needs of customers and Our experience provides a membrane switch that customers and Niceone-tech consider the most aesthetic.

In the past 10 years, although Niceone-tech is a young Chinese membrane switch manufacture, we have always provided superior quality membrane switch, silicone rubber keypad, etc. to customers from all over the world.

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