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Capacitive Membrane Switch

Capacitive membrane switch is a special kind of membrane switch. There is no dome in the product, and the tactile feedback is also poor. It is a bit similar to a non-tactile feedback membrane switch. Capacitive membrane switch is a kind of touch-sensitive switch. When the button is touched, the capacitance changes. After the IC is identified, the function will be realized. Moreover, there is a type of ITO membrane switch that is more widely used. Because the conductive ink is transparent instead of silver conductive ink, this type of product is more popular in European and American countries.

The mechanical structure of the capacitive touch membrane switch

Mechanical structure of capacitive touch membrane switch

More durable than traditional membrane switches

One outstanding feature of the capacitive touch membrane switch is that the button life is much longer than that of the traditional membrane switch. If you choose a better Autotype material, the life span can even reach 3,000,000-5,000,000 times. This is something that conventional membrane switches cannot do. At the same time, because the product is not convex, it is easy to clean. Overlay materials can be glass, acrylic, polyester, or polycarbonate. If the AM type of Autotype material is used, it can play an antibacterial effect in medical treatment. At the same time, the ITO membrane switch can even be combined with the backlight to form a touch keypad membrane switch in the form of a backlight. Because of the characteristics of capacitive touch membrane switches, they can be found in medical equipment, home appliances, gambling industries, and portable devices.

Advantages of Niceone-tech touch keypad membrane

For the Capacitive membrane switch of Niceone-tech, we mainly designed it into a more perfect product through different component designs and backlight designs. We have a specially designed capacitive stylus for the switch that makes our capacitive switch keyboard available in various usage scenarios including flex PCB. Our custom capacitive touch panels can realize capacitive touch through both plastic and metal.

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