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Why is one-stop production of membrane switches so important?

Every customer who has cooperated with Niceone-tech wonders why Niceone-tech can provide a series of services such as communication design, design improvement, production, assembly testing and qualification verification. This is because Niceone-tech is a factory integrating industry and trade with a complete supply chain system. The department includes engineering design team, foreign trade business team, QC team and purchasing team. Compared with traditional industrial manufacturing, Niceone-tech's continuous progress and refinement in the Membrane Switch industry has gradually turned into a one-stop service type factory.

What are the advantages of one-stop shop for manufacturing Membrane Switch?

  • Quick quotation

Due to the control of Niceone-tech's business team and purchasing team, we understand the price of most products in the industry, so the finished product price of most membrane switches can be evaluated within 24 hours. For special materials, we will reply to the customer within 24 hours to update the quotation cycle.

  • The price is relatively stable

Since Niceone-tech will reserve a large amount of commonly used Membrane Switch raw materials, the validity period of our prices will control the prices even if the raw materials rise sharply during the epidemic, so that the prices can be stabilized. And the price is generally valid for 2 months.

  • Design suggestion

Niceone-tech's engineering team and business team are affiliated with a one-stop service, so that product design problems can be found during the design and even quotation process. Because our business team communicates with the engineering team from time to time the documentation of the quotation. This allows customers to be given design advice during the quotation process. During the design process, we will also use the customer's drawings so that we can get the best advice from our project in the product redesign stage. Errors avoided during the design phase can be refined prior to production, rather than costly changes and repairs or scrapping of entire batches after the entire production run. This also helps to save the cost of customers and shorten the production cycle.

  • Design improvements

Due to the close cooperation between the business team and the engineering team, the business will improve the customer's original design, including cost reduction, backlight design, Doming design or ESD shielding design. But no matter what kind, we will give customers professional advice during the inquiry process. Because we want to make our customers' products stand out in the market and gain a higher market share.

  • Production delivery time

Since Niceone-tech is a factory, the lead time for samples is generally controlled within 10 days, and for bulk products, it is 15-20 days depending on the complexity of the product. Fast production lead time is beneficial for customers to save a lot of production time so that customers can worry-free and can focus on marketing and research and development of new products.

  • High quality control

Because the engineering team and the QC team will establish internal documents to ensure that the samples are consistent with the bulk goods, and strict inspection standards enable customers to obtain high-quality goods. This is also beneficial to customers with stable shipments and no complaints to delay a lot of time.

  • Data traceability

Niceone-tech provides one-stop processing from quotation, design, production, QC to shipment. No matter which link there is a problem, we can respond quickly to avoid one-to-many communication problems and responsibility division problems for customers.

  • Reduce procurement costs

As a factory, our business team not only conducts monthly training to provide business services in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, but also our product prices are lower than that of traders and quality complaints can be answered quickly. Effectively reduce customer procurement costs. More importantly, in the process of redesign and production, we avoid problems, find problems and solve problems, and with the support of production materials, product accidents are low. Significantly reduce customer time costs.


Contact Niceone-tech, we will give you a reply within 24 hours, whether it is product design or product problem analysis, we are happy to answer your questions.

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