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Purchasing Membrane Switch from Niceone-tech Can Reduce Your Cost by 10-20%

Every customer wants to obtain high-quality Membrane switch products while reducing costs. Many suppliers are thinking of shoddy materials. Although the price has been lowered, the quality has not been as good as before. When every customer came to Niceone-tech for inquiries, they also found that the unit price would be lower than that of other competitors, and they were worried about whether it was shoddy. To answer this question, we must first understand what affects the unit price.

Niceone-tech believes that there are five major factors that affect the unit price: 1. Product knowledge (experience), 2 Labor costs, 3 materials, 4 product difficulty, and 5 product added value.


Now that the problem is found, how to reduce the labor, control the cost of materials, reduce the difficulty of the product, increase the added value of the product, and reduce the cost required for the added value of the product, so that you can obtain high-quality and high-value-added products at the same time to obtain the most valuable price Affordable and highly competitive products.

1. Knowledge of the product (experience)

Effort is important, but the right direction is more important than hard work. The product does not need anti-ultraviolet rays but chooses anti-ultraviolet materials for customers. Customers need disposable products but use the most expensive materials. Customers need IP65 but use IP67 structure which increases a lot of cost. If we have sufficient experience, we can use the best structure and the most suitable cost to produce products so as to save unnecessary expenses.

Customers and users need a supplier and partner who has a good knowledge of the product rather than a partner who listens to them. As partners, users and customers always hope that suppliers can provide the most suitable opinions on their demands. Even if users and customers may not accept them, they can better understand their products. Fortunately, after more than ten years of growth, Niceone-tech has a strong engineering team and some of the engineering staff have more than 20 years of experience. In this way, we can give the customer the best solution within the limited information and save money. The necessary expenses allow your product to get the most optimized structure.

2. Labor costs

Labor costs in China are gradually increasing, but products such as Membrnae switch require more manual assembly-adhesive tape bonding, metal placement technology, positioning hole punching, printing and typesetting, and LEDs assembly. In order to reduce labor costs, then we need to use automated equipment to reduce labor costs.

A. Adhesive paper bonding

Niceone-tech uses adhesive tape laminating machines to bond parts of the structure to reduce part of the labor.


B. Metal dome placement process

Membrane switch buttons need to install metal dome most of the time. Niceone-tech installs metal dome by modifying automation equipment.

C. Punch through the positioning hole.

Use automated equipment to punch through the positioning holes.

D. rinting and layout

Automatic printing equipment is used to print products without manual placement and printing of materials


E. Leds assembly

The automatic placement of LEDs can be realized through the layout of automation equipment and lines.


3. Materials

Niceone-tech purchases a large number of different raw materials for Membrane Switch every year, so our price will be 2%-3% lower than other competitors. In this way, while reusing good materials, customers can get a 1-2% price discount, Niceone -tech can also obtain more profits to form a virtuous circle.

4. The difficulty of the product

The difficulty and materials of Membrane switch with different structures are different. The different difficulty will affect the labor, and the different materials will affect the material cost. Niceone-tech's team will conduct product design meetings and production meetings, and use the best solution to reduce the difficulty of the product or use the best solution to make the product without changing the difficulty of the product. This is inseparable from the cooperation of Niceone-tech's design team, engineering team, production team and QC team.

5. Product added value

There are many ways to add value to products, such as using epoxy to produce epoxy Membrane switch or LGF membrane switch. Fortunately, these technologies can all be completed within Niceone-tech, and there is no external distribution so that the unit price can be controlled. When the additional value of a product can be improved, it proves that your product cannot be replaced by others (high competitiveness) and high price.


As the leader of Membrane switch manufacturer, Niceone-tech has been adhering to the principle of winning by quality and sharing the worries of customers. In this fiercely competitive market, providing a competitive product is not only the quality, but the unit price is also very important for the product. Niceone-tech can give 10-20% price concession because of the development of science and technology, the knowledge of products, the emphasis on product technology and the efforts of everyone in Niceone-tech. We believe that quality is more important than price, and we cannot sacrifice quality for the sake of price. However, as a supplier, we must also give customers the most suitable price, instead of blindly increasing customer costs to make them lose competitiveness in the market.

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