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Membrane Touch Switches-A Wide Range Of Electronic Switches. What Are Membrane Touch Switches?

Membrane touch switches are a kind of electronic switch, also called membrane switch, Touch panel or Touch switch. When the operator presses the button of membrane touch switch, the circuit will be activated. On the contrary, when the finger leaves the button, the electricity will be disconnected and the button will return to its original state.This principle of electrical performance is very common in our lives: mice, light bulbs and other touch devices are commonly used.

The circuit of Membrane touch switches is printed on polyester film with silver oil, carbon oil and UV ink. (The main function of UV ink is to protect the circuit from oxidation and prevent the circuit from scratching. Carbon oil is also to protect the silver oil from oxidation, and the function of silver oil is to form a conductive effect.) Graphic overlay is the first layer of Membrane touch switch, because the overlay is To give customers the first impression, the color matching of this layer is very important, and the thickness of the overlay material is generally 0.125-0.25mm, which is very thin and soft, so it is called'membrane' and'film'.It is precisely because of the outstanding features of Membrane touch switches: thin, easy to clean, long life, and able to withstand extreme environments. Therefore, they are widely used in various industries, such as medical treatment, sports equipment and military industry, etc.

Construction of Membrane Touch Switches:

According to whether Membrane Touch Switches have an embossing key and whether they have shrapnel, they can be divided into two types: Tactile and non-tactile membrane touch switch. The biggest difference between the two is whether there is a ticking sound when the operator presses the key switch.Non-Tactile membrane touch switch can even reach 3 million operations, while conventional Tactile membrane touch switch can reach 1 million operations. Generally, the durability and lifespan of Non-Tactile membrane touch switch is longer than that of Tactile membrane touch switch, but many users like touch typeTouch the switch, because it can improve accuracy while reducing errors.

At the same time, it can be divided into Flex membrane touch switch and rigid memrbane touch membrane switch according to different circuit.

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