Dongguan Niceone Electronics Technology Co., Ltd


Niceone-tech was founded in 2010, initially engaged in production and R&D in the electronic accessories industry Membrane Switch. At present, a small and medium enterprise with 150 employees manufactures Silicon Rubber Keypad and Injection Plastic at the same time. Niceone-tech is committed to becoming a leader in the Membrane Switch, Silicon Rubber Keypad, and Injection Plastic industries. Since its establishment in 2010, Niceone-tech has always positioned the company's products as ‘high value-added, high quality, and branding. Niceone-tech doesn't care about quantity and price, what it cares about most is whether it can provide high-quality products to customers. Niceone-tech has been adhering to this principle for 10 years, and our growth is getting healthier and healthier, and we have gradually become one of the industry leaders. Niceone-tech has also invested 35% of its profits in production, research and development, and talent training because talent and technology are the primary productive forces. We believe that the achievements of Niceone-tech so far are inseparable from the support of customers and the efforts of employees, so we need to let customers get better products and better profits, and we also allow employees to grow and realize the value of life. We have always believed that customer support and company talents are our company's greatest wealth.