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10 Questions to Ask When Designing a Membrane Switch?

In real life, we often see people who are impeccable in sports, talent shows or other aspects - and they are more relaxed and effortless than ordinary people. But we all understand that one minute on stage and ten years of work off stage, the effort behind it is to make the complicated become smooth and simple.

As a membrane switch design factory, so do we. We have encountered many membrane switch products that are not easy to use and have a reliable user interface because some key issues are not raised to customers during the design process. But to solve this kind of problem, we need some key components and optional functions to enhance the reliability and ease of use of the product. So Niceone-Keypad in order to solve these kinds of problems, we asked customers some design problems.

What is the shape and size of the user interface?

The first judging factor for judging whether the product line layout, layer structure and sealing conditions are sufficient.


Material selection for the surface of the user interface?

Antibacterial needs, UV resistance, anti-glare or other needs, you need to choose according to the use conditions of the product.


Membrane switches need a tactile or non-tactile design?

The presence or absence of TACTILE FEEDBACK on a button is one of the most common ways to determine whether a membrane switch needs a tactile or non-tactile design.


Do you need windows in the overlay or punch holes?

This step will affect the choice of mold and the choice of material.


What are the options for the location and connection of the tail pinout?

Designs can be made to fit the ports that already exist, but if there is more autonomy in the design, the cost of the product will be more efficient.


Need a shield to shield against static electricity?

If the product has electrostatic discharge (ESD), electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI) interference, it is necessary to choose antistatic materials such as PI, printed shielding layer, etc.


Specific graphic design or brand design requirements?

Screen printing, DIGITAL PRINTING or digital printing will have different solutions for the attractiveness and focus of end users


The environment in which the product is used?

The use environment of the product in the conventional indoor and desert extreme environment will affect the design structure and material selection of the membrane switch.


What surface is the membrane switch bonded to?

Different adhesives should be used for hardware surfaces and plastic surfaces. Otherwise, peeling will occur.


Niceone-Keypad believes that after answering these ten questions, a preliminary membrane switch can be basically completed and a durable and practical membrane switch is easy to use. Contact Niceone-Keypad and we will further perfect your membrane switch.

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